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While stocks last, we’re sending a snazzy Four Corners Books enamel pin, designed by John Morgan, to customers spending over £30 on our website. UK deliveries only, and will be applied automatically to eligible orders.

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The Grunwick Strike

Our Irregulars Online series of essays on aspects of art and design history continues. Hassan Mahamdallie tells the story of the Grunwick Strike of the late 1970s, illustrated with images of the posters and banners created in support of the strike.

Irregulars Online
Eyeball Cards Front Cover

Introducing the Four Corners Irregulars

We’re proud to introduce our newest project, one that we’ve been beavering away at for over a year now: Four Corners Irregulars, a series of books presenting a new look at the history of modern British visual culture.

We have chosen a wide range of different subjects, ranging from politics to hobbies, and stretching from 1945 to the present day. All are linked by the remarkable visual creativity in Britain beyond art galleries and museums. Some of the work we feature is by artists working outside of the gallery context and some was made by people who didn’t consider themselves artists at all.

The first volume is by William Hogan and David Titlow, about Eyeball Cards, the mysterious business cards created by CB radio enthusiasts in the late 1970s and early 1980s. ‘Breakers’ would chat over the airwaves at a time when the technology was yet to be legalised and would create handles for themselves to help keep their identity a secret. The result is a window into an outpouring of creativity that prefigures online identities – social media personas from before the internet.

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