Candy Andy Mainrev

New: Candy, Andy & The Bearandas

Living in a picture-perfect English village, two panda bears, Mr and Mrs Bearanda, bring up their plastic children, Candy and Andy. Devised by Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Productions for the 1960s comic book market, the resulting photographs are a surreal, unique look at domesticity, the family and childhood. Available now.

Candy, Andy & The Bearandas
Tam Josephbookcoverphoto

New: Tam Joseph - I Know What I See

Bringing together paintings and sculptures from over 40 years of work, the first major publication to provide an extensive survey of the work of artist Tam Joseph, whose wide-ranging career defies being pinned down to any one style or approach. With over 120 artworks, this handsome new volume features an introduction by Eddie Chambers. Available now.

Tam Joseph: I Know What I See
Treasure Island Cover Fcb 3D

Treasure Island

The latest volume in our Familiars series: Shiraz Bayjoo has produced artwork for a new edition of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Available now.

Treasure Island