Leeds Postcards

by Christine Hankinson & Craig Oldham


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For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images; activism by design. The cards are not of Leeds; the name represents a defiant rejection of the hegemony of London. The images cover a fascinating range of domestic and international politics, causes and campaigns, creating, in their own unique and graphically inventive way a record of the struggles as well as the progressive political triumphs from 1979 to the present day. 

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These postcards have crystallised the cultural zeitgeist to be displayed, sent, kept, and shared. Over the years they have featured the work of a huge number of artists and designers, including Steve Bell, Jacky Fleming, Peter Kennard, Ray Lowry and Angela Martin. Leeds Postcards continues to this day, thanks to a great deal of love, luck and effort, making each card a pocket-sized call to arms, punching way above its weight. 

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Leeds Postcards
by Christine Hankinson & Craig Oldham

Four Corners Irregulars #4
22 × 16 cm, 152 pages
Published: 17 July 2018
ISBN 978-1909829-11-4