The Graphic World Of Paul Peter Piech

by Zoe Whitley


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Born in New York, Paul Peter Piech (1920-1996) worked for most of his life as a printmaker in the UK, producing prints, posters and books from his home in the London commuter belt and, later, Wales. Piech’s works, sometimes joyful, sometimes angry, always inventive, tackle the political concerns of the late 20th century, combining the artist’s advertising expertise with his forthright personal beliefs. The Graphic World Of Paul Peter Piech reproduces over 120 prints drawn from the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the University of Reading.

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"I've been called a Fascist. I've been called a Communist. I've been called a racist. I've been called everything after any of my shows happen because of certain posters, you see. But they can't pin me down to any 'isms… I just look at humanity the way it is and then I make a graphic expression of it. The purpose of graphic expression is to realize some truth that they're missing and to do something about it… I don't want to sit around and be silent."  

- Paul Peter Piech

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The Graphic World Of Paul Peter Piech
by Zoe Whitley

Out of print

Published in association with V&A Publishing
Hardback, 192 pages, 31 x 22 cm
Published October 2013
Designed by John Morgan
ISBN 978-1-909829-01-5