Nau Sea Sea Sick

by Kay Rosen


Nau Sea Fc

American artist Kay Rosen leads us offshore with her illustrations for this volume of the following stories, all about the sea: 

John Moore: Local Boy Makes Good

Katherine Mansfield: The Voyage 

Stephen Crane: The Open Boat 

Isabella Bird: The Hawaiian Archipelago, Letter I 

John Aaron Rosen: Stranger In The Empty Night 

Eileen Myles: Everyday Barf

Kay Rosen has been exploring the possibilities of words as images for over 25 years. She delights in the small shift; the subtle change that subverts meaning and reveals the unexpected.

Nau Seaint

Nau Sea Sea Sick
by Kay Rosen

Hardback, 128 pages, 22.5 × 16 cm
Four Corners Familiar #4
Designed by John Morgan
Published in September 2009
ISBN 978-0-9545025-9-1
£11.95, $22