Candy, Andy & The Bearandas

by Alan Dein
Foreword by Jamie Anderson


Candy Andy Mainrev

Living in a picture-perfect English village, two panda bears, Mr and Mrs Bearanda, bring up their plastic children, Candy and Andy.

Devised by Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Productions (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet) for the 1960s comic book market, the images created for the photo-strips are a surreal, unique look at domesticity, the family and childhood. Their unusual nature meant they never reached the popularity of other Anderson characters, and the photo story comics were abandoned after a year.

Candy Andy The Bearandas 8 RGB 72dpi
Candy Andy The Bearandas 1 RGB 72dpi

This photobook presents the best of the surviving original transparencies from this brilliantly bizarre project: driving their striped Mini, preparing for Bonfire Night, or going for a boat ride, Candy, Andy and the Bearandas live in an unforgettable, dreamlike world. The carefully restored images are lovingly presented in a faux leather-bound hardback (with foil-blocking and tipped-in cover image).

It also features a foreword by Gerry Anderson’s son, Jamie Anderson, and an introduction detailing the history of the Candy project by historian and broadcaster Alan Dein.

Candy Interior Text
Candy Interior Garden
Candy Interior Car
Candy Interior Bed

Candy, Andy & The Bearandas
by Alan Dein
Foreword by Jamie Anderson

Faux-leather hardback, with foil blocking & tipped-in image.
92 pages: 16 pages printed black and white on coloured Woodstock Cipria 140gsm
and 76 pages printed in colour on Tatami White 150gsm.
23 × 16 cm

Designed by John Morgan
Published: 26 October 2023
ISBN: 978-1-909829-21-3