Poster Workshop 1968-1971

by Poster Workshop
With a foreword by Jess Baines


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To be published 30 April, 2018.

From 1968 to 1971, anyone could drop in to the basement in Camden Town and commission a poster from the Poster Workshop. In walked workers on strike, tenants associations, civil rights groups and liberation movements from all over the world. Inspired by the Atelier Populaire, set up in Paris, in May 1968, the posters could be made quickly to respond to what was needed, on a great number of themes: Vietnam, Northern Ireland, South Africa, housing, workers rights, and revolution.

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The Poster Workshop existed at an exceptional time. It thrived on the energy generated by the belief that huge changes were possible, through movements for equality, civil rights, freedom and revolution. It was an expression of that time - of excitement, change and hope.

This book is the third in the Irregulars series of aspects of modern British visual history. It reproduces all of the Poster Workshop's posters which give a unique perspective on the key political issues in 1960s and 1970s Britain - many of which still resonate today.

The book will be published on 30 April, and many of these posters will be on display at Tate Britain from 7 May.

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Poster Workshop 1968-1971
by Poster Workshop
With a foreword by Jess Baines

Four Corners Irregulars #3
22 × 16 cm
Published: 30 April 2018
ISBN 978-1909829-10-7